Veterinary Care Assistance

Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in requests for veterinary care assistance. We hear of approximately 20 cases a week where low income pet owners need help accessing medical care for their dog or cat. Each case is as unique as the pet owner and pet. 

We work with local veterinarians and other pet charities to assist the owner get the medical care their beloved pet needs.  

It takes a village to raise funds for large surgery bill. By leveraging our available funds, we can maximize the amount of needy pets that can receive critically needed veterinary care.  

Please join us by donating what you can. We rely 100% on donated funds. 

Since 2009

  • We have fed 1,170 pets that otherwise would have gone hungry
  • We have provided needed vet care for 650 pets
  • We have rescued and re-homed 300 pets
  • We have collected/purchased and redistributed 45,500 pounds of pet food

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 Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to assist South Florida pet owners in financial crisis. We provide subsidized vet care, pet food and rescue/re-homing services. Together, we can make a difference.   

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Who we have Helped

Little Ball of Fur


Little Ball of Fur, a large male cat, had a urinary blockage and was doing badly. He needed a catheter and hospitalization for several days. His owner is low income and could not afford the veterinary bill on his own. Veterinary care was provided at Paws2Help Vet Hospital. He is doing fine now but without vet care he would not have made it.

Sweetie Pie


 Sweetie Pie is a tame cat that was abandoned on the streets. Some  cruel person threw motor oil on him. He lost his multi-colored coat. The  hair follicles were damaged, so it doesn’t look like his fur will be  growing back. He and other rescued senior cats are now residing in the  new Passion for Paws Old Cat Sanctuary. They now receive good care and  have plenty of free roaming space.  



Cemi, an adorable eight year old Maltese - poodle mix,  and her owner came to us when Cemi was in desperate need of life saving gall bladder surgery. Her owner, a struggling single mother, was unable to pay for the surgery. Dale Porcher (DMV) and Shores Animal Clinic of Palm Beach  performed the surgery. We worked with RedRover Relief to cover the costs of the surgery. 



Rudy is a little dog that has epilepsy. His owner, a disabled veteran, lives on a small fixed income and needed assistance with vet care and Rudy's seizure control medication (pheno-barbitol). Without the medication, Rudy was having lots of seizures. Rudy has been with his human Dad since he was a puppy and they are close companions--and his best friend. 



 Cookie, a chihuahua, recently received vet care at from Paws2Help Animal Hospital to surgically remove 3 golf ball size tumors (mammary) that restricted her movement and she was also spayed. She is much more comfortable. Thanks to Banfield Foundation for a veterinary assistance to help the pets of low income pet owners access much needed veterinary care.