Success Stories



Meet our one-eyed little pirate – Oakley. This little French Pug lost his eye in a dog fight with another small dog. He needed enucleating surgery for a ruptured cornea. He is doing fine now. His owner was low-income and could not afford the surgery expenses. Passion for Paws provided a vet care assistance subsidy so that Oakley could receive vitally needed surgical care for his eye injury.  




Puppies are born! Mom had labor complications and needed an emergency C-section to save her and her pups. Passion for paws assisted w the bill which was way more than the low income pet owner could afford . The pups take after their Pitt dad. This is mom's last litter.

Tobey and Tucker


Tobey and Tucker (Shih tzu, Maltese, beagle mix) are staying with Foster Parents of the Year, the Fargo’s. This dynamic husband and wife team have fostered nine dogs for Passion for Paws over the last three years in Boynton Beach, FL. Thanks so much to these foster heroes for providing a loving and much needed temporary homes for displaced pets

Bella and her little human


These two would have never met if it weren’t for several foster volunteers and two pet charities.  Now Bella and her little human are best of friends.  Thank you foster volunteers!  You make a difference.  Want to be a foster volunteer and provide temporary loving care to a nice dog like Bella until they find their forever home? 



127 uric crystals had formed inside Lexi's' small bladder. She needed to urinate very frequently and was uncomfortable. Passion for Paws and another charity stepped up to assist her single mom negotiate a surgery at a discounted cost. A very skilled surgeon removed all the stones. According to her mom, “Lexi is very energized, eating and drinking well, and very playful." 



We were contacted late one evening to care for a 50 pound pit bull mix, Buddy, who had been severely injured by two pit bulls. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was treated for multiple lacerations, a swollen head and a missing toenail.  Buddy spent a month recovering at the Vet clinic. After much effort, we were able to find Buddy a loving forever home. 

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