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Meet Cisco - a senior four-pound poodle. Unfortunately, he suffers from congestive heart failure requiring monthly full work ups (EKG, blood test and x rays). These procedures and his monthly medications are expensive – but it is important that Cisco is comfortable in his golden years.

Poor Cisco was abandoned on a balcony when his owner was incarcerated. It was determined that he had never received vet care. 

 If you would like to help Cisco, please let us know that you want your donation to benefit him.  

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How you Can Help

 We cannot help pets and their owners without the generous donations from  people like you.  All of our operating funds come from your donations.  

We have earned the top gold star rating with for our financial transparency.

How to Donate

Speak directly to our staff at 561-420-0553
Email us at
Donate online via PayPal
Write a check to Passion for Paws, Inc. and mail to
PO Box 373 Palm Beach, FL 33480

We will mail you your charitable gift receipt.  All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Our Giving Categories

Diamond - $10,000 or more

Platinum - $5,000 to $9,999
Gold - $2,000 to $4,999
Silver - $500 to $1,999
Bronze - $100 to $499
Contributor - up to $99 

Where your Donations Go

$30 = food for one large dog or two small/medium dogs or cats for a month

$75 = vaccination fees and heartworm medicine one dog or cat

$200 = neuter/spay, microchip, vaccinations and rabies tag for one dog or cat

$500 = emergency care costs for one dog or cat

To our Donors - Thank You

 Diamond Circle:

Alexander Foundation, Inc., Leslie Alexander Foundation, ASKK Foundation, Inc,

Anne Cox Chambers Foundation 

Platinum Circle:

​Banfield Foundation, The Batchelor Foundation

Gold Circle:
The  Weiler Foundation, The Freeman Foundation, Jupiter Tequesta Junior  Women's Club, Home Depot Foundation, The Tony Crew Foundation, Pedigree  Foundation, Folke H. Peterson Foundation, Petco Foundation, Stephen H.  Ellis Family Charitable Fund, Alexander Hufty, Anlyan Hufty Foundation,  Vanguard Charitable-The Alex Fund, DayDreamer Enterprise Foundation,  Inc., Solomon Family Foundation Trust, Marc and Cathy Solomon, Knopf  Family Foundation

Silver Circle:
Caplan-Bensley  Foundation,  SHAPE Club of Lake Worth High School, George Cooksey,  George Anhang, Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation, Walmart  Foundation, Colin Brown, Christopher Devine, J.M. Family Enterprises,  Paige Rense Noland, Y. Cleomili Harris, PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. 

Bronze Circle:
Edgar  Otto, Lesly Smith, Larry McGinnes, Susan Rhodes, Jim Forney, Beth and  Jim Walton, Anne and Robert Van Giesen, Shirley Grabner, April Clark,  Stephen York, Melanie Burgess, Lucia Lopez, Scott and Esther Cohen,  LouAnn LaBohn, Linda Chinn, Inga Ellzey Chris, George Cooksey

Contributor Circle:
Sandra  and Roger Krakoff, Lucian Favata, Jr. and Dawn Favata, Mary Harrison,  Nicole Shuey, Barabara G. Hilton Monz, Illisa Finkelman, Debra S.  Mailloux, Erin Santana, Gabrielle and Michael Zaidman, Peggy Tetley,  Debra Barash, Deborah L. Boudreau, Michael A. Schwartz, Sandra Altner,  John Archer, Barbara Mallory, Douglas Cioffero, Kevin D. and Mary Tree  Morris, John and Fran Mezzetta, Julie Matter, Carleen Skiles in Honor of  Dawn Favata, Palm Beach County North Lions Club, Martha Harris, Aloha  Surf Club, W. Benton and Mary Harrison, April Clarke,  Nann  and  Kennetch Vollbracht, Lori Budin, 

Special Memorial Donations:
Sandra  Altner in memory of Petey, Christopher Devine in memory of his cat  Jack, George Cooksey in memory of the fuzziest Lab, Honey Bear, Tara L  Leavy in memory of her mother, Sylvia Marks, a lover of all animals,  George Anhang in memory of his Bubbie Mina Bas Menachem Zev on the  occasion of her 12th yortzeit, Robert and Anne Van Gieso in memory of  their beloved dog Butler, Vanessa Roden in memory of Roxie, Michele  Kagan in honor of Stuart Zagin

Corporate Cash Donations:
Law  Offices of Perlet and Shiner, P.A., ISense, LLC., Rhodes Holdings,  Inc., Evolved Machines, Inc., The Animal Hospital at the Market Place,  Walmart Store # 1436. Singer Island Marriott Spa, DI Law Group

Businesses - Product/Service Donations:
The  Pet Project, Pet Supplies Plus, Ava Rhodes, Inc., World Resources,  Inc., Delightfuldesigns, Microsoft, Intuit, Sage, Blackbaud, TexSoup,  Publix Supermarkets, Inc. Hilason Saddlery, Inc., Evolved Machines,  Inc.,, Rhodes Holdings, Inc., Federal Grant Consulting  Group, Inc., Tracy Electrical Services, Greens Pharmacy, Amici Market,  FedCo Pharmacy, Red Barn, PetCo (West Palm Beach), Palms West Animal  Hopsital, Jenson Beach Animal Hospital, Mid County Veterinary Hospital,  Jupiter Veterinary Surgical Specialist, Shores Veterinary Clinic, Home  Depot Foundation, Palm Beach Pet Market, Woofgang Bakery and Grooming  (Palm Beach franchise),Old Jupiter Bar and Grill, Walmart stores (West  Palm Beach and royal Palm Beach). 

Debra  Barash (co-founder), Liesel Marelli (photography), Janet Lennen-Wood  (pet food donation organizer),  Diane Francis (foster care giver),  Beverly and Lisa Pepe (pet food program), Jennifer and Taylor Snow  (foster care givers), Jacqueline Storch (graphic arts design/logo),  Caitlin Calabrese (pet food drive organizer), Claudia Scott (pet food  drive organizer), Alex Scott (office help), Linda Parody (pet food drive  organizer),  Kellie Coyle (marketing and fundraising), Jessica Nicklos  (special events), Pam Farlow (foster care giver), Joy Fargo (foster care  giver), Kendall Castay (foster care giver), Enrique Hernandez  (community service-pet food collection), Derelda Morgan (cat colony  caretaker), Gloria Gay (cat colony caretaker), Margo Wright (cat colony  caretaker), Jadene (cat colony caretaker), Killian Carles (honors high  school student foster care giver), Kylie Symonds-Matriscino (elementary  student pet food drive organizer). 


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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to assist South Florida pet owners in financial crisis with access to emergency pet food and vet care. Together, we can make a difference. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card